Hoofers Performing Arts: Serving Oshawa and the Durham Region over 25 years!.

HOOFERS PERFORMING ARTS was established in 1995 by Mrs. Diane Schofield and Mrs. Angela Prosser. After over 25 years in the community the reputation of the school has grown to be one of the most highly recommended schools for dance training, discipline and overall professionalism.

The name "Hoofers" was adopted from the strong reputation of Director Angela Prosser who excelled in the development of strong tap dancers. Since inception all genres of dance have climbed to a degree equal to one another with an outstanding staff who have aided in the progression of the schools education in dance training. Almost all staff at Hoofers are originating students who have carried on in the teaching and choreographic profession.

"Hoofing" was originated from the streets of Harlem where individuals would show off their talents and where later, the HOOFERS CLUB would be established. Great tap dancers of the era made a name for themselves. As tap dance became more Americanized, "hoofers" were known as those who could perform any type of dance as well as sing and act. They were literally a one man show if need be. With the continued evolution of the entertainment industry, those individuals in the field today are known as "TRIPLE THREATS!"

As dance will forever evolve, and we continue to strive to improve and provide the highest quality of entertainment, we will always remember that dance began as a pure love for the art.

"Medals and trophies will tarnish, but the friends we make and enjoyment we gain from our dance experiences will last a lifetime".

"We take great pride in offering a quality service by teachers who have worked hard in attaining the highest standard of teacher training available."

Our goal is to instill a love for dance that will not only provide them with many years of entertainment and enjoyment, but provide them with skills that will have a positive impact on their lives for their future!

Both current and former students at Hoofers have either gone on to further pursue a career in dance or are using their skills learned over the years and are now passing them on to the next generation of dancers here at Hoofers and at studios across Ontario. They are model young men and women who give their passion of dance to those who follow them.

Appointments are always available to discuss the progress of your child and our open door concept allows parents at any time, the ability to view any and all classes.