Q. Where do you suggest we go for dance shoes and dancewear?
A. Sequins Plus, located on Simcoe St N in Oshawa has the largest supply of dance wear in our area. They also work closely with us and have an outline of what we prefer our students to wear for each type of dance class we offer as well as proper examination attire.

Q. My child is not sure what type of dance she wants to take, do you offer any demo classes?
A. If you are registering your child for class but are unsure which class she/he might enjoy more, we can allow them to try a couple of classes for the first week to try to help them decide. Our summer programs are also ideal for this situation to let them try a class for a six week period to find out what they might enjoy.

Q. What are your hours of operation?
A. We are open Monday - Friday 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm and Saturdays 9:30 - 1:00 for regularly scheduled classes.

Q. Are your teachers certified?
A. Our main teaching staff are all certified with teachers certificates on display in our main lobby area. Those teaching without certification are under strict guidelines with which to follow and are assessed throughout the year as to both their teaching skills and the progress of the students. This is part of the training curriculum for the teaching certification.

Q. Can parents sit and watch classes?
A. We have a completely open door policy. There are viewing windows for all five studio rooms and multiple waiting areas for your comfort. We have curtains on the windows in order to keep a sense of focus within the class and at times they will be closed. Teachers will open the curtains for part of each class or from week to week for you to see their progress. If there is an occasion where a relative is in town please also feel free to ask the teacher to open the blind or email Angela in advance to request it.

Q. When is the year end recital?
A. The year end recital is held at Eastdale Collegiate from year to year usually the last weekend in May or first weekend in June dependant on school availability. Contracts are completed in October each year. All tickets are reserved seating and available through online purchase at or at the office of the studio. Limited tickets may be available at the theatre for purchase if room permits.

Q. When is the year end rehearsal?
A. Additional time is rented at the school for professional lighting set up and dress rehearsal. This is a closed rehearsal where only one parent This allows for students to become familiar with their surroundings prior to their performances and is held the same weekend as the show. Students are never required for more than two days for both rehearsal and 2 performances, usually a matinee and evening show.

Q. Do I have to buy tickets for both shows?
A. Most families usually purchase tickets for just one show and make arrangements for a friend or family member to stay with their child in the change room area during the act of their performance so they can enjoy watching their child perform. At intermission they then either collect their child to go home or a ticket may be purchased for them to join you for the alternate half of the show if they are only in one act.

Q. Does my child need a ticket if they are performing in the show?
A. Students participating in the show are permitted to watch during dress rehearsal when they are done performing however, for the actual performance, must have a ticket if they wish to join you in the audience for either act they are not performing in. We hold two shows that generally sell out by show day.

Q. If my child is only in the second or third act do they still need to arrive 45 minutes before showtime?
A. The general rule is that students should arrive to the performance at least 45 minutes prior to their performance time. If they are in act 1 they should arrive 45 min prior to the show start time, if they are only in act 2 then they should arrive about a half an hour after the show has started and report to the change room area to wait with their class. Please note if you are watching the first act you must be seated prior to the act beginning. There is no admittance to the theatre once the show has begun other than a 5 minute late grace period. This is strictly enforced so as not to disrupt other patrons watching their children.

Q. Why do they need to arrive so early if they are all ready?
A. With so many students involved in the show the extra time allows staff to ensure students are organized into their class groups. It also gives them time to go over their dance together if they are at all nervous or if they are in need of any costume repairs eg. a hole in their tights.

Q. How long is the show? or each act?
A. Act 1 is usually a different "theme" each year and is approximately 1 hour to 1.25 in length. There is a 15 minute intermission then followed by Act 2 which is a showcase of the remaining routines choreographed during class time and some highlighted competitive group routines lasting approximately another hour in length.

Q. When does your summer and fall registration take place?
A. Summer program information is generally available just prior to March break with early registration available. The following season's fall schedule is set by May 1st and early pre-registrations are accepted from currently enrolled families saving them the yearly registration fee.

Q. We have three girls, do you offer family discounts?
A. We offer discounts per student based on the number of hours of training they do per week. Discounts for family registration are $30 per family as opposed to $25 per person.

Q. Do you offer payment plans for dance classes?
A. Yes, our season is broken into three terms and payments are made by 9 pre-authorized monthly amounts or for the season in full with applicable discounts. Credit card transactions are subject to a service fee charged by the merchant services to Hoofers Performing Arts Ltd.