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Currently based out of Hoofers Performing Arts, Born This Way Dance Inclusion Program strives to create a welcoming environment where all ages and abilities can explore their love for movement and dance. After being in touch with and learning from a successful Canadian program, the founders were inspired to embark on this new journey and reach another group of individuals in their community. Fortunately, word spread quickly about the program and within three months the program already had two different levels of classes. While incorporating dance technique, social dance, and free movement, the classes focus on enjoyment and a chance to be physically active in a social setting.

Miss Madison recently completed her BA in Psychology with Honours, and is currently completing her Early Childhood Education Diploma. She has a passion for people of all abilities and loves using dance to create an inclusive environment. Miss Madison is a fully qualified ADAPT dance teacher and is working on her acrobatic arts certification Summer 2021. She has danced for her whole life competitively and is excited to have a career in something she loves.

Miss Jennifer is currently enrolled in Kinesiology at Ontario Tech University. After her undergrad she hopes to get accepted into an Occupational Therapy program to continue with her passion. Miss Jennifer spent 5 months in a co-op placement at Grandview Kids with one of their OTA/PTAs, after that she taught dance at MCVI high school in their PLP class. She is a fully qualified ADAPT dance teacher after being a competitive dancer her whole life.

We offer 2 classes:
Beginner Movement Class - This class focuses on free movement and beginner dance steps.

Experienced Dancer Class - This class focuses on multiple styles of dance and dance technique.

Classes will be held at Hoofers Performing Arts in Oshawa, they will be held on Sunday Afternoons in the fall.

Registration and more information can be found at